The Transparency Awards

After celebrating 10 successful years of the Transparency Awards in France, Labrador has applied the same methodology to the US market. Criteria are carefully selected and ranked based on their importance within the investor community.

  • Every company within the S&P 250 is ranked, with no entry and no fee.
  • They receive their own personal and confidential annual ranking.
  • The criteria are objective and selected by an independent panel of stakeholders (investors, analysts, auditors, industry representatives, etc.)
  • The criteria are made available to the public.

The result of the Transparency Awards and its criteria encourages companies to adopt and innovate the way in which they communicate through their regulated disclosure.

Each year the criteria evolve and the level of requirement increases, but the mission of these awards remains the same: Transparency creates confidence and therefore value for companies and their stakeholders. The Transparency Awards are organized by Labrador, a regulated communication consultancy firm.

A message from Laurent Rouyrès

Why should companies care that their documents are transparent? 

Well, simply put, because a transparent document will build trust in your disclosure communication and thus create unique value for your company.

But what is a transparent document?

All of the Transparency criteria contribute to one of four pillars: 

  • Accessibility: the reader can find information faster,
  • Accuracy: it goes beyond mere compliance to include all relevant information,
  • Comparability: it induces a feeling of goodwill, and
  • Availability: it is easily understandable in both paper and digital formats.

All of the criteria are public so that companies can benchmark themselves. This also guarantees the Awards’ 100% objectivity and trustworthiness.

Thanks to our 10 years’ of experience in Europe, we know that these Awards have created lasting value in the marketplace:

  • they have allowed the Corporate teams that produce these documents to finally be recognized for their incredible work,
  • they have encouraged the adoption of best practices across the board, 
  • they have boosted shareholder trust in listed companies’ disclosure, and
  • they have created a virtuous circle in which investors and other stakeholders favor companies that strive to produce transparent documents.

Join me in congratulating this year’s most transparent companies on paving the way for Transparency!


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