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2021 Awards.


The Transparency Awards analyze the quality and completeness of information companies provide to regulators, investors and employees. The awards focus on four types of corporate disclosure: proxy statements, Forms 10-K, investor relations websites and Codes of Conduct. Winners are announced for each category to highlight their best practices. The Code of Conduct winner is announced early to encourage companies to review their own codes during this quiet time of year, and the remaining Transparency Awards category winners will be announced in September.

Each company’s Code of Conduct was scored using 27 discrete criteria that fall within four pillars of transparency: accessibility, precision, comparability and availability.

The winners.

Code of Conduct

The winner: Procter & Gamble 


The top 3: 

Procter & Gamble 



How does your Code compare to the best?

In this fact sheet, we’ve put together a few key figures from this year’s Code of Conduct collect. Take a look to see how your Code compares to the codes of the S&P 250.