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The Transparency Awards


The Transparency Awards

The Transparency Awards recognize the quality and completeness of information that top U.S. companies make available to investors. Each year, the Awards criteria evolve and address more issues as the needs of the investor community grow. In 2022, company rankings were determined through review of annual proxy statements, annual reports on Form 10-K, investor relations websites, and codes of conduct. Each company’s documents were scored using 146 discrete criteria that flesh out the four pillars of transparency.

  • The top S&P 250 companies are ranked, with no need to enter and no fee.
  • Every company receives its personal and confidential annual ranking.
  • The criteria are objective.
  • The criteria are available on our Transparency website.

We hope the Transparency ranking and the specific criteria we have identified encourage companies to innovate and improve their regulated disclosure.

A message from Laurent Rouyrès

Transparency: earning your reader's trust

Corporate life has become increasingly more complex, making it a challenge for companies to generate trust. This problem is compounded by our quest for immediacy. If it takes more than a few seconds to find something in a document, many readers move on.

Transparency is a science that builds your information like an architect, eliminating all distracting artifice to reveal only what is useful, straightforward, and understandable. For 20 years, Labrador has honed its mission to use transparency to counteract regulatory complexity, as well as to respond to the need for immediacy. We have passionately initiated and sustained the Transparency Awards to help companies build trust with the major consumers of their information.

Public companies today are “transparent” in the sense that their information is public, certified, and regulated. But that is not enough. The information also must be clear, enlightening, and available to all, and it should be presented in an inviting and aesthetically pleasing way. These are the keys to instilling confidence in your audience. Taking care of your readers in addition to tending to all your other tasks is a challenge indeed, but it is no longer optional.

Congratulations to everyone who has been honored with 2022 Transparency Awards for their commitment to transparency. We are thrilled to help bring your good work to the forefront.


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